OK, now help me out…

I’ve been fully submerged in the poker world for over a decade… I remember a long time ago some old school poker pro/hustler said in an interview on TV that he didn’t even know who the last 3 Presidents were- it’s like that. I know who the Presidents have been, but no fucking idea who the Vice Presidents have been lol. And I swear to God I thought people were joking when they said Trump was running/they were gonna vote for him. I stand corrected…

I was at The Bellagio when the Presidential Election results became official. Everyone was just kind of staring at all the TV’s hanging in the poker room. Most were stunned, some were shaking their heads, and some- like Vlad, an old school Russian grinder that I’ve always got along with, were drinking and celebrating… I didn’t vote, and I am far from educated enough on any/all of the issues to have any real political views- but I was sad (Vlad’s excitement aside). I lost a lot of money betting on Hillary- as a HUGE favorite, only because I was told it was “sharp” lol. Fml…


Note: I’m one of the worst sports bettors (Presidential betting is done on sports sites so I’m lumping it in there) in history. Seriously, I can make any lock a loser- all I have to do is bet on it. You’re welcome, Republicans. My bad, Democrats…


Anyways, the point I intended to make, before I started spewing aimlessly (as I do on occasion- sorry), is that I’m basically like Tom Hanks at the end of Castaway (assuming he struggled to re-adjust to society once he and Wilson were rescued- I don’t think I made it that far in the movie tbh). I need help with some really basic stuff (to you guys- not me) as I try to find my way back into the real world.

The only way I make it back into to the real world (which I desperately want to) I think, is if I start making some money from this blog (dgafblog.com) and/or the company I founded–> Poker Rags™ (pokerrags.US). I’m not asking for much, just basic feedback that any idiot should know (but I don’t)…

Otherwise I’ll undoubtedly be back at the poker tables (on borrowed money- because I don’t have any/my friends are foolish enough to still believe in probability/expectation > curses/bad luck), quietly losing my mind over the same fake conversations I’ve heard a billion times, the same self-absorbed behavior that has plagued poker ever since the economic collapse of ’07, the same insane entitlement from those who once ran great but now do the opposite (I fit in this category, but I fucking bite my tongue if/when any complaints start to come up my throat), the same incredibly slow pace, and the NEW (the old ones are long gone obv) players who have been running miles above expectation for months venting to me about others who have been running miles above expectation (for the past week or whatever).

——————-> I need to GTFO (and stay TFO) of poker!

So… is this blog host site I’m on (WordPress I believe, I can’t see the name right now while I’m composing this) chill? Should I be somewhere else? Is the font I’ve selected awful (I like the default font that shows up when I compose, but I have no idea what it is- and it’s different once I hit “Publish”)? Can Teddy “Ice Man” Monroe sue me for using his beautiful mug as my logo?

Just kidding- Teddy wouldn’t do that. He loves me…

How do I get advertising for my blog (assuming it starts to get decent traffic like my 2k thread on twoplustwo did- over 500k views and counting, in the middle of an absolutely desolate sub-forum that no one would ever stumble upon unless given specific instructions)? Should I pay for a marketing company- someone to make this blog pop up first when people search “DGAF poker” or whatever? Is twoplustwo likely going to close my thread on there now for some reason? Etc.

WRT pokerrags.US, is it a confusing website? Do you like any of the shirts so far? Is there actual value to you in me providing recs for music, cooking, exercise, things to do/places to go in Vegas, etc? Am I correct in thinking Yelp only takes people so far because everyone has different tastes and values- there needs to be different Yelps (theoretically) for different communities?

Am I correct in thinking, “Fuck Facebook”?

Am I crazy to think that NOT using all the standard bait and switch/trick and then gouge your customer tactics might = slow growth, but eventually super loyal customers (as long as product/design/value/service constantly improves)?

Is there not a huge void in the world in that people who want to live communally have no real place to go- and trust? Like wouldn’t it be amazing if your local gang or government or huge corporation actually looked out for you and reciprocated everything you gave them? Would Scientology not be the sickest thing ever if it was basically the opposite of Scientology- but still provided a place to belong and something to believe in?

Is all this making you sick and you can’t believe I’m asking for stuff from you- the reader, instead of just spewing my cautionary tale that is perhaps a little guilty pleasure you get entertainment from or whatever? (that’s fair, btw)

Me too actually. My bad. I’m glad I asked the questions because I do need the answers. But I much prefer writing stuff that drips with blood, sweat and tears (sometimes sad ones, sometimes happy ones). Next post will be legit (or I won’t post it).

Thanks in advance-



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18 thoughts on “OK, now help me out…

  1. Your clothes are basic and have no appeal.

    I would rather light $70 on fire than buy one of your atrocious overpriced hoodies.

    Next post try to use less parentheses too.


  2. You don’t need to hire a marketing or SEO company. You do need to get someone to help you with keywords, simple search engine optimization and probably some other stuff. One of the best ways to do this cheaply is to go to fiverr.com which is a freelance “gig” website. Look around there & post a description of what you need done (or what you think you need done). With a bit of time, some interaction, and less than a $100 you will know much more about internet marketing & your blog will be much easier to find than it is now. Or enlist the help of a friend who knows just a bit about internet marketing. DO NOT spend a lot of money on this now. You need to know enough about it to make good decisions on what value is actually being provided.

    Unfortunately using “DGAF”\may be a problem because it’s already connected to a lot of other topics in search, but you may be able to overcome that.

    Monetizing this blog is going to be tough. What Polk, Berkey, Neeme, etc are doing on YOUTUBE is probably a better way IMO. Neeme’s not really even doing strategy (at least none that seems relevant to me), just giving fanboys a look a the glam life of a real 5-10 NLH player. From what they say, he has a lot of followers.

    I like my STRADDLE? tshirt.

    Gobbo, a pretty good food/restaurant reviewer, tried JimmyEatsVegas.com but hasn’t posted to it lately & was going to or has tried YOUTUBE. While I’ve read all of his reviews, I would still go to Yelp first if I were looking for a type of restaurant I don’t normally frequent. Even John Curtas, IMO Las Vegas premier food writer, is thinking about ending his blog in a few months because of dwindling readership. Reviews and recommendations have a lot of tough competition.

    I think people want to read about your poker thoughts and experiences, and life in the land of degenerates.

    Fuck Facebook

    Enough for now. Best of luck to you


    1. So much appreciated. I doubt I will do the YouTube thing, but I hear you. And I will likely do the other stuff you suggested…

      I don’t know how many views you need per day to get advertising. I just googled and people are saying they get 25 views on a good day. No idea if these people are making money or not, but I got 158 yesterday (I think). Already over 30, 3 hours into today. I haven’t even texted anyone yet to check out my blog. And… neither of my blog posts thus far are even up to my standards. The bio is pretty sick though imho…

      Anyways, thanks again. I’m overwhelmed by all the positive feedback I’ve gotten. I sent out notifications to most of the people who had posted in my thread, and I kinda felt like a cheese dick for doing so. Then I got a bunch of encouraging replies and people even thanking me for letting them know. Now I feel great about this and look forward to just dropping wet post after wet post once things settle down a little .

      Looks like I may have accidentally sent a notification to a gimmick account too. Someone who doesn’t seem too happy with the giant flashlight I shine on nits (aka “parasites”). I’m feeling this shit man. I’m loving it. I sense a ground swell forming. Too many good people out there that are sick and goddam tired of selfish fucks. Lezgo!


  3. Love the blog Idea and would echo most of what Frank said above (although I have very little expertise in this area). Will check out shirts. Not sure about FB…I am not on it because I think 99% of it is useless drivel, but it may be a good engine to generate views/buzz if there is any sort of poker related community on there. Twitter also.

    Good luck and I agree that writing is a huge strength of yours….remind me of the Poker/Life version of a Bill Simmons.



  4. Get your popcorn out, this is gonna get good.

    You’re going to learn A TON creating this blog and pokerrags website. Keep writing and stay willing to try things out…and then “fail” at them.

    It will humble you daily, in different ways than poker. You’ve got a great mindset and a real voice for it.

    Big things ahead for you…



  5. Hey man shoot me an email (Berkey11@gmail.com) I can give you a lot of the right contacts if you want to do this right. Fwiw as much as I love blogging and think yours is literally the best framed strictly around poker, end of the day it’s a funneling mechanism to something bigger that you want to provide and/or sell. Going viral/maintaining is tough, but assuming you can garner those eyes, funneling them to a t-shirt store is a competitive, saturated market place where you lack an unfair advantage.


    1. Thanks man. Very strong take. I can’t do anything but agree with all of it. And I will def hit you up for some help…

      My blog is something I will probably do religiously forever- even if I never make a penny from it (say I never get advertising and it never drives anyone to use pokerrags.us as a resource/join that community/buy some shirts). I get so much clarity/therapy from my writing it’s ridiculous. Like I can come home tilted out of my mind or depressed as all hell so much that I feel sick, and then I just get lost on my keyboard for a while and I’m sane again- ready to smile and be light…

      The feedback I get from my blogging (previously on 2p2/hopefully mostly on here now) is incredible. Not only does it legit lift me up/get me through the hardest of times, but it gives me great satisfaction in knowing that I am helping others in similar spots/with similar issues. Moving it here merely gives me a chance to reach more people (once I get a clue how to market or whatever)/make it way more accessible (I can’t believed it lasted as long as it did in that hidden/desolate sub-forum on 2p2 as one billion-page thread that is merely impossible to navigate). If it goes viral or whatever and I make money from it, I am way more than chill with that obv too.

      I realize the clothing store is a huge long shot (many smart people like you have pointed this out). It doesn’t even need to work out for Poker Rags™ to be a success though. And I think people will buy some stuff to make their games better (straddle shirts pay for themselves in one session imo) and perhaps as a payback for all my free spew over the years- IDK. I also feel like if we get some momentum (i.e sales) we can do some amazing things down the road, like custom clothing created to fit your body’s exact shape- IDK again. I definitely will link other stuff as well to this blog though (books I write, songs I record, etc).

      Thanks again for the shout and the offer to help. I root hard for you every time I see you playing 9 million 18 million or whatever on TV. I hope you run so good that you can STOP TEACHING PEOPLE THE X’s AND O’s AND DUMB DOWN YOUR COMMENTARY A LITTLE BIT AS WELL!

      JK (kinda). To each his own- especially when he is as chill and genuine as you are. GLGL


  6. Some of my friends liked the Straddle ones but not so much the others. GL.


    1. Thanks much for asking them and for the feedback- sincerely. Now I know to fire my partner immediately because the No Gamble No Future stuff is from his brain and the Straddle stuff is from my brain! JK, I like the balance in tastes…

      The Straddle Starter Kit (the OG white one and the insanely comfortable black one) is only $45 + shipping. There is no tax (I believe I’m doing this right) if you order outside of Nevada. And if you want all 4 shirts it’s only $100 + shipping… Sorry, I feel gross for advertising lol- but I guess that’s what I’m supposed to do?! pokerrags.us


  7. I’m not saying this because I want free shit, but a way to get your brand out is by giving out some free shirts to attractive, sociable, and respected poker enthusiasts who will wear them at the casino. I’ve known a handful of those at every casino.

    Currently, you have a following on 2p2 yet not much of an online presence since you don’t do social media. The only place where people can find you is within that 2p2 thread. I think you have to suck it up and be active on social media to get your brand out.

    Fuck Facebook, but perhaps you can create a Twitter account that’s linked in your 2p2 profile and you can link your merch site and blog in your Twitter profile. I reckon you will get many followers quickly, deservingly so, since I have no doubt you will put out some quality tweets that will get retweeted. Then go from there.

    I think those are non-pushy ways to “attract” people to your site :). You already have a following. Give them a way to find you.

    Best of luck, DGAF.


    1. Thank you very much. And I agree. Send your mailing address (I think you can do it privately via CONTACT- if not on here, then def on pokerrags.us) because you just won a free Straddle Starter Set with your very thoughtful/helpful comment. There wasn’t a contest- but you won anyways.

      I fully realize I need to stop being so old school/I need to embrace social media. I’m hoping someone amazing will say “I’ll do it for 1% as a hobby/labor of love” or something along those lines, but until then it will be me. I started a couple days ago actually and have no love for IG or facebook really (though I respect them), but I do secretly kind of like twitter (cuz it’s writing/being clever or whatever I guess).

      I think all real people are attractive- and the opposite. Seriously, I’m that corny.

      When I say “fuck facebook” I don’t mean don’t use them, I mean create something better/with more integrity than them. Like a real community- IDK.

      Thanks again,



  8. I think posting pieces of your book as you go along will be beneficial to you from the feedback and won’t, at least from my standpoint, hurt sales. For example, I’ve read lengthy excerpts from the last several of Nassim Taleb’s books, and have purchased hardback copies of all of them as soon as they were published. Just read a bit from his “Skin in the Game” online which prompted me to post this.


    1. Spot on.

      Let the reader feel invested in the process (We already do).


      1. Yeah I’m gonna post the whole thing on this site. Amazing idea by jrr63- I never would have thought of it because I have no experience with any of this stuff. I have literally never visited a blog site before (aside from the food blogs I linked on pokerrags.us) lol, never subscribed to a podcast, etc.

        I’m basically George of the Jungle with a laptop.


    2. The long AF intro to “The Long Run…” is posted on “The Long Run…” page of this site. I’ve already received some great feedback and I am editing Chapter 1 currently/gonna post it soon. Thanks Frank!


  9. I’d highlight “The Long Run” as “Coming Soon: The DGAF Book” or something like that to draw attention to that piece. “He’s writing a book? I’ll click on that, I want to know more…”

    You know what “The long run” means, but people coming to the site for the first time might gloss over it.
    That’s a common problem: making things you think are obvious, intuitive and intriguing but internet monkeys (us) skimm right by because we have 14 tabs open or some other app buzzing.


  10. Hey DGAF,

    I’ve read the entire 2k thread(some of it more than once) and share with all my poker friends, especially when they start talking “going pro.” I think I remember reading you post somewhere that you are friends with Doug Polk. If that’s true, he’s gotta be the guy to contact about optimizing marketing and exposure.
    Best of Luck,


    1. Thanks man. And thanks for signing up to follow the blog via email (I assume that was you). Doug and I were friends/acquaintances years ago (no idea how he is still so young wtf), but we just went in completely different directions (not just him online poker/rich, me live poker/poor lol, but also him training site capitalist, me anti-training site capitalists). I doubt we will be collaborating any time soon, but I truly appreciate the feedback/suggestion.


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