Just when I think there is nothing left for me on Netflix. Just when I think my abysmal situation (I’m not being a pussy- I don’t think) has made everything unwatchable (It’s Always Sunny- cringe, new KKK doc- just embarrassing, Voyeur- yawn), I decide to put on a little 8-season series that I’ve seen the listing for plenty BUT HAVE NEVER BEEN REC’D.

Why not? I just need a little noise in the background while I write. Something to keep me from going too low/too serious. William H. Macy was The Cooler ffs, how bad could it be?

I think I never pressed the circle button twice because I thought Don Cheadle was in it for some reason. Ready for this idiotic extrapolation? I was staying at Commerce a few years ago- all the time. More than I stayed at my 5k/month house. I played the top section (whatever) but occasionally would stoop to 5-10 while I waited for a seat/if there were no real games going.

Note: the only thing I EVER disrespected/looked down on was the stakes (those little baby stacks of 2k or whatever). I always knew the people were my equals at least. And joke is on me anyways cuz I’m the most busto of anyone now– for now…

Anywho (second time I’ve used that word this week- and lifetime, wtf), I hated nits back then. To loosely paraphrase the late, great Mitch Hedberg, I still hate nits, but I also hated them back then… Back then, anyone who played tight/behaved conservatively was a nit. Back then I was an idiot. I’m still an idiot, but back back then I was way, way more of an idiot (I now realize parasites are the only enemy- and they can be conservative or “wild and crazy”- doesn’t matter).

Don Cheadle was sitting in the 5-10 one night with perfect manners, a perfect outfit, a perfectly organized stack, and perfect politeness. He played tight and good and laughed carefully at the dumb jokes that were made around him. For some dumb reason this ate at me like Godzilla, The Tapeworm. I didn’t say anything, but I harbored.

So I never double-clicked Shameless, cuz I’m a real idiot. A hyper-extrapolating false/unfounded emotions idiot. And then I did…

Similar to when I started watching Deadwood (which I didn’t finish because my life picked up/my television viewing stopped/I have no idea where I was on the show/I was watching it on mf Kodi, The Nightmare ffs), it took 5 minutes of show and one inch of poetic license before I was mentally clapping. I knew immediately the writer was in another galaxy of intelligence compared to me.

And I like that.

I appreciate greatness. I marvel at talent and achievement. Fuck anyone who thinks they are better than anyone else because they have a rare gift, but I’m gonna Google the writer of Deadwood 5 minutes in (he was also the writer of Luck, and he’s also a pretty huge degen apparently/flawed as hell like the rest of us/RESPECT). I’m also gonna Google the writer of this show (after this post- or I won’t finish). I’m also gonna fucking stop whatever I’m doing and watch Lebron James play basketball– whenever I can…

I’ve been told that if this pipe dream I have that my blog will take off, I will get advertising funds from it, I will start to ascend from The Abyss, etc, comes to fruition/it’s actually there one day when I wake up, I will have to product place or whatever (if I can tolerate it/I can figure out an entertaining way to do it). This is just practice. Promoting stuff for free- because I think it’s fucking great.

“Shameless”, the 8-season show about pain and love- and just making it through any way you can, brought to you by (some premium network- I think), and now on Netflix™, is fucking great!

At first I thought it was the actors. Then I realized that was fishy as hell. Any “great cast” has to be a result of the writing/production, right? I mean sometimes you start a movie just because of “an all star cast”- and it’s hot garbage.

Having said that, how does Fiona know how to be SO amazing yet SO hurt (deep down- she’s fine on the surface OBV) and SUCH a pain in the ass- but SO worth it, probably the wrong decision- but not even a choice, etc? WTF?


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3 thoughts on “Shameless…

  1. The Fiona description is so on point.


  2. Shameless is A+

    I’m not sure everyone can appreciate how great of a show it is, because not everyone knows a family like the Gallaghers. I constantly find myself just thinking “wow, either the writers had first hand experience with people/families like this, or they really did their fucking homework.” Spot on, imo.


    1. I would bet a lot it was first hand experience. Had to be, right? And then just an insanely awesome grasp of human nature, defense mechanisms, family dynamics, etc.


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