The Only Core Exercise I Like…

There is only one kind of core exercise I like. The soreness at the bottom of your ribs the next day screams a job well done… Even if you don’t believe in God (I don’t- don’t hate), core exercise is what God intended. It’s the only way we survive actually/the most natural and best thing we can ever do to stay healthy- our most basic instinct as living beings.

Yeah, I highly recommend core exercising. You can do it alone, but it’s much, much better to have a spotter/a workout partner. Someone to really push you- or pull you through the hardest parts of the workout…

Make sure you thank your workout partner when you are done. Then hydrate and try to use the clarity and relaxation and strength you have derived for something good/to make an important change in your life maybe…

Do what you want, when you want- as long as it doesn’t infringe on others.

Help others core exercise whenever they are in the mood/motivated to– only if you are up for it though obviously. Push them (or pull them) to go their hardest in those tough times- to give you their all- to have nothing left inside when they are done. Be a good coach and tell them “good job” at the conclusion of each workout.

Exercise often- you will smile more and be a much happier and a better person. On second thought, exercising alone is pretty great too. Either way.


Note: Drinking beer before you core exercise allows you to workout longer. Something about the barley or hops or whatever gives you that extra energy/stamina you need to get a really good sweat going/to keep your heart-rate up long enough to really burn some calories and speed up your metabolism in general. I’m sure your spotter/workout partner (optional) won’t complain as long as the workout isn’t TOO long/you guys finish at some point so you both can get back to your busy schedules- or sleep.


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2 thoughts on “The Only Core Exercise I Like…

  1. well, yeah…


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