Cheap Beer

Sometimes words flow like cheap beer at a college bar. Sometimes they flow like piss after sex so raw she gave you applause. Sometimes you spend 2 hours on a post you can barely stomach publishing (but you do, because you know your taste isn’t everyone’s, and as long as words are honest they are readable), and sometimes your fingers never stop tapping the keys like a pianist at a concert until the show is over- and when you finally look up you can only smile…

Sometimes you realize your rambling is procrastination as much as it is relaxation– and unintentional finger exercise. Occasionally though, you decide to fade yourself, to do what you have to when you have to even though you don’t want to until later because later is safer and you value security, albeit in a very non-traditional way.

Real world, progress, self-construction, health, money even-

Here I come (I guess)…


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