OK I Lied…

I’m not gonna be scrupulous and patient before posting– just this one post. I just can’t. The cute vlogger with the cat who appears to be really good friends with Doug Polk (they seem to have a solid connection)- he says for only like 40 or 50 bucks a month I can join a training site and it’s better than coaching. Starting hand requirements and everything else is included I think.

I wasn’t watching closely enough (standard). How does it work? Do I get different info than everyone else- or do we all get the same? How fucked are the dumb casinos lol if we all start crushing? OMG I’m pumped for this! I love deep strategy- you know stuff that is thought all the way out (not just raise because you have a good hand).

Anyways, what’s the training site? Let’s get those casinos!


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4 thoughts on “OK I Lied…

  1. OMg really I’m in what’s the name 😂😂


    1. Cosmo, but what’s the training site plz?


  2. run it up over her once, throw it in reverse, crush the live out of her.


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