2018 you resolve all conflicts (the short-term suck is always trumped by the long-term harmony). You clear both shoulders. You pay everyone back and the right people forward. You lay your heart in a puddle for communal folk to spring off and stay dry, and you treat every non-reciprocating fuckface (even the ones that have always gotten a pass) like non-reciprocating fuckfaces…

^^^ is not negative. It’s learning. It’s adjusting. It’s protecting. It’s setting the right example/creating the kind of behavior patterns you want and need in your life (and getting rid of the opposite)…

2018 you smile a lot- because you are happy. You workout a lot- because that makes you happy (basic science- see “endorphins”). You start doing yoga and/or meditation (because a bunch of smart people do that stuff… And they’re smart!). You play way more tennis than you did in 2017 (racquet sports are good for life expectancy- look it up, they are also fun as hell)…

2018 you love yourself more. You look back less. You look forward less. THE MOMENT is the only place where stress and anxiety have no chance…

2018 you help others A LOT- because it makes YOU feel good (and that’s a fucking fine reason for doing it)…

2018 you spend all your time with the ones you love- who love you back. Everyone else needs to find a new sucker…

Happy 2018!

May your entire year (with the exception of a few inevitable downswings/the random adversity we need to always maintain perspective and appreciation for our amazing spots on this planet) be a…


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1 thought on “2018

  1. Amen 🙏🏼 I love it. Ty 😘


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