Checking My Phone

Checking my phone and feeling alone and knowing it’s not your fault. Situations are rough, have you had enough? Sometimes I feel like you have. Love is a curse if you don’t put it first- it starts eating away at your heart. You forget that there’s One who makes everything fun and loves you just as you are. Beautiful and flawed but perfect for him, he’s got your back ’til he drops. Imperfect himself-

Hey, no one is perfect. The ones that even come close make the world less colorful. Not even black and white- they just make it gray, like a bad painting by a kid who didn’t even want to be at school.

he feels like he’s perfect for you. Just like he was when you first felt the buzz that morning or night back when. Making you smile, judging you not, just letting his soul get pulled into yours. But things come up and fear is a fuck and sometimes we forget to just say, “Fuck it, if my heart gets broke and my world goes cold and I can’t even smile for a month or a year, cuz the pull of our souls just couldn’t hold vs all the gusts of wind from outside- oh well, that’s life, I’ll be better off for having tried, and for not letting the One slip away until I absolutely had to…

Gray hair is cool. Gray life is safe- like a padded room. Come hang out with me and watch sunsets, and moonlight, and daybreak. Let’s take shelter together whenever there is a storm. I got you.


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1 thought on “Checking My Phone

  1. Forever and ever 😘🙋🏻


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