Wise, less burdened people tell those of us with anxiety to “live in the moment”. Living in the past or the future bogs us down with resentment, stress, fear, etc. The conversations we time travelers have are garbage, we never see the beautiful views right in front of our faces, we have no energy, and we can’t get ANYTHING done. We are simply too distracted- too preoccupied with stuff that is out of our control, often not (even close to) real, and definitely not happening NOW.

Perception is reality- unless your perception is off. Just sayin’. I used to think my kids would starve if I kept having horrible luck at the poker table.

They didn’t.

Here’s the problem though. Those who live in the moment all the time (I used to actually do this- until I got deported about a year ago) end up doing the same dumb shit they have always done, over and over. They never learn from their mistakes- because they are too busy making them again. Combine that with having no goals/shitty goals- because they never spend time thinking about the actual finish line (hint: it isn’t wealth)/the best way to get there, and they are straight up puppets. Like everyone else in the world just about everyone else in the world, they live their entire lives on invisible strings and should honestly take no credit or blame for anything…

Chance (many call him God) decides everything.


Here’s my suggestion: when you are exercising (I recommend core exercise), watching a movie, reading a book, spewing away in your blog, etc- stuff that requires your full attention, do as the wise, less burdened folks say and “live in the moment”. Before and after you do those things though, keep in mind that that they are merely vacations- quick, therapeutic getaways from the real world…

In the real world (driving down the road in your car, sitting in an interview for a job, waiting to pick your kids up from school, etc) set your dials to 80/10/10. 80% moment, 10% past, 10% future. That’s the only way to cut the strings.

If you are perfect already, keep it 100 obv/disregard everything you just read…


*When I all capped “ANYTHING” in the first paragraph, I got held up for a bit. Not that I would like it or wear it (and therefore I would never make it), but don’t you think if you put that word in all caps on a shirt, but you got super creative and instead of doing it like ANYTHING, you did it like ANYTHING or ANYTHING (or ANYTHING), people who love New York would eat that shit up?

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