Sleepless Nights

I haven’t had a sleepless night in years. I mean, I almost never sleep at night, but on those few occasions when I have to sleep at night because I have something I have to do in the morning- I can usually do it. I’m way sleep deprived- forever and always, so falling asleep is usually as simple as closing my eyes for 3 seconds anywhere that I feel is OK to sleep. And then I’m out…

And that’s what happened last night. I turned on Forgetting Sarah Marshall- completely forgetting about my 3-second fall asleep process, and I didn’t even make it to the breakup. I was tired AF, after a full day with my amazing kids, after only a few hours of sleep at a Motel 6, after yet another swingy and never-boring night at the casino…

But I woke up before what’s his name even forgot Sarah Marshall- and that’s weird. Yeah, I have no circadian rhythm and I had spicy AF pho for dinner and a sugar free red bull for lunch, but still. How long is this movie. How long does it take to forget Sarah Marshall?


I used to have sleepless nights all the time as a kid. Mostly I worried about Russia, snakes and the boogie man. Sometimes though–increasingly so actually–it was excitement that kept me up at night. I thought about how many points I was going to score in my basketball game the next day, or just how amazing and warm Sarah Markley’s smile was going to be when I got to school in the morning.

Opposite of current, I never thought girls were into me when I was a kid. Even when they did everything they legally could to let me know that they were…

Tonight is all the above. A Cold War brewing and a big game coming up where I plan to star. The boogie man will probably be there with a snake in each hand rooting against me, but so will Sarah Markley.

I can’t believe I forgot Sarah Markley. And I can’t believe I remembered her mid-stream of consciousness blog post, laying on my back, laptop cutting into my bare chest, Forgetting Sarah Marshall still running in the distance. The human brain is weird AF. Powerful. Sometimes hard to turn off.

Everything is going to be fine. The kids will handle the news just fine. They might have a few sleepless nights over it, but that’s probably good for them actually. It’s at least OK…


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