Wind River

So much of a movie experience is when you watch it, where you watch it, and with whom you watch it. All the best movies I’ve ever seen, I’ve seen alone. My brain needed a break, my soul needed an escape. I had comfortable couch to rest on, in a quiet home, with a big ass TV, and a luxury Belgian beer to drink slowly- by myself…

Wind River was not one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. But it did the trick. The ending was predictable and forced imo (which is genius on level 9, but I highly doubt the writer was going that hard on the issue of rape), but it didn’t matter. I had already gotten the break I needed.

I feel young again…

I’m not young. But I normally always feel young. And lately I’ve been feeling a little old…

Jeremey Renner can really do it… And Elizabeth Olsen- I had to Google her immediately. It was the only break I took during the movie… Other than the one time I paused it for a minute to respond to a text from my soon-to-be X-wife…

My soon-to-be X-wife is being really strong, really positive– the two things I asked of her in return for EVERYTHING. Sadness and negativity are the only things that weigh on me. It’s some real deep childhood shit I’m learning to fade, but I’m basically in Kindergarten…

Elizabeth Olsen is the hook. The moment the driver’s side window of that idling SUV came down, I was transported from couch in cozy Southern California to Indian Reservation in snowy Wyoming. I stayed there for over an hour. It was nice to get away.

Smart play by the filmmaker to show EO’s ass as she got dressed into warmer clothes. That was some strong foreshadowing/thought planting imo. It also wasn’t the worst thing these eyes have ever seen/it certainly didn’t hurt the chances of me staying locked in for the rest of the movie. Just sayin…

I actually got up once to take a piss during the movie as well. I had Cotixan and three waters before I started the movie. I guess that makes three breaks in total: one to respond to a text about informing our children tomorrow that we are getting a divorce, one to Google “Elizabeth Olsen naked“, and one to take a quick piss…

Wind River was real enough to hold my attention throughout. I honestly didn’t even remember the three brief breaks I took until I started writing this impromptu blog post…

Gross inequality… When will evolution make us more righteous? When will it make us less selfish and more communal? When will it make us more concerned about the human race- and the planet, and less concerned about “the fittest”?

Serious question: Is survival of the fittest really all that matters?

Am I weak for wanting equality for all? Am I pathetic for thinking all humans should at least be entitled to a balanced life that includes all the basics- and then those who work the hardest/do the most (aka “the fittest”) get more? Am I a joke for thinking people living on an Indian Reservation in Wyoming is oppression compared to those of us who only think our lives are tough, as we sip on a Piraat and spew away on a laptop, in the middle of the night, in a nice home in Encinitas, CA, with our bare feet resting on a goddamn fur rug?

What the fuck is up with sexual oppression? Schools need to start telling kids that sex is healthy- just be safe and consensual ldo. And ffs please tell them that masterbation is basically the best thing they can do for their overall health on a daily basis… And why the fuck is prostitution illegal? Why can’t men and women choose to provide a service that hurts no one/helps others greatly? Don’t they realize some of us like helping others- a lot?

Would those dipshits at the Wind River gas plant or whatever–who didn’t have the looks/charm/game their outlier bunk mate had–have killed their bunk mate and raped his girl if they had access to other means of sexual interaction?

How do we stop rape?

I think we start by making it unnecessary (in the sex-starved minds of violent people with no game). It’s just stigma, religion, super conservative old school shit that doesn’t add up imo…

How much does violence drop if people start getting laid whenever they want?

Anyways, solid movie. Renner is a beast. Gotta go to bed now. Big day tomorrow…


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