Sometimes we all lose perspective…

We forget that some people like us,

that probably at least a few people love us,

and that maybe even one person wants to be with us forever.

We forget that if we are reading a blog post

we are likely living better than the average person.

We forget that, also, that doesn’t even matter-

a shack and mansion can feel exactly the same

(see Einstein’s Theory of Relativity)…

We forget that we evolved from apes

not too long ago.

We forget that there are nearly 8 billion of us on the planet.

We forget to do the math and then realize

each of our lives matter

within a rounding error of 0.000000000,

so there is literally nothing to worry about…

We forget that we won the big race to the egg-

The Vagina Derby.

And we beat out about 480 million other entrants.

And even if we were the fastest/strongest,

that is still pretty damn lucky.

We forget that we are very lucky to be alive everyday.

We forget that it’s totally OK to have bad days

cuz if we don’t, our good days can’t possibly feel good…

We forget that EVERYONE has issues.

We forget that ALL issues (even the most severe)

are cyclical.

We forget that we can limit our down-cycles

by having awareness,

by listening to people we trust,

by not ever blaming ourselves for them,

or worrying about having them.

We forget that all jobs suck sometimes-

but not having a job sucks too.

We forget to breath,

deep and slow,

for as long as it takes

until we get our perspective back.

And then we remember…


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