I slept good, saw that a bunch of fiction had been posted in my (non-fiction) 2k thread but didn’t reply cuz it aint even close to Tuesday yet/I’m a time manager moving forward, CBT’d my way through some negativity (the minus signs are very attracted to us plus signs, just as my high school Chemistry teacher said they’d be), worked out, studied poker (nothing major, but I usually do nothing), went and played well (you know, vs ranges and shit- I played horribly vs almost every actual hand I was against/I should have folded way earlier to almost all of them), lost just about all the money I had- on a night where I really “needed” to win, didn’t kill the rich kid who asked me if I was leaving after I stood up with my nub stack in hand, didn’t challenge the smug new pro who always blows up pots and makes the best hand vs me to heads up (I wanted to actually, I just didn’t have any money), didn’t scratch myself, and didn’t weigh on anyone more than the one person who has to be there for me on nights like this…

Told you, I’m getting better.

*Note: I did write this post (so much for only weighing on one person). And I was a little catatonic for the first hour or so after my session. And I did break my phone case during that time.


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