A Star Is Born (3/10)

Someone told me Bohemian Rhapsody and A Star Is Born were terrible.

I finally said fuck it tho, I love movies about music.

I watched Bohemian Rhapsody and swore I’d never listen to this dude again.

It was incredible–all the fucking way…

A week later I queued up A Star Is Born.

Bradley Cooper was great in Silver Linings Playbook and Wedding Crashers.

I saw Lady Gaga’s doc and she is an extraordinary talent.

This movie is going to be good.


***spoilers coming***

It wasn’t all that interesting.

The only thing I really liked actually was Lady Gaga making it.

And Bradley Cooper killing himself???


What is the point of that shit in this day and age–

where everyone is already aware that suicide is a big issue?

Why not offer a solution–

or at least some fucking hope?!

Why not instead of having him swim laps and flash great abs at Rich Folk Rehab,

have him talk to a real therapist?

Let him cry and rage and sweat out all the childhood memories

that haunted him his whole life.

Let Lady Gaga understand him and just fucking love him–

and let him change when he is ready.


People only change when they are ready–

and they do fucking change.

They do heal–

at least sometimes.

So why not have the movie go that route instead?

When Donald Sutherland (pretty sure that was him) says

it was Bradley Cooper’s fault

–and Bradley Cooper’s fault alone–

that he killed himself,

well, that is the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard.

But then when I see that Bradley Cooper made the movie,

well, yeah, I guess you are right, Don.


***I just learned–moments before I hit publish on this post–that this was a remake of an old movie. All the more reason to adjust the ending to the times imo. 


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