The problem with not being an idealist…

You accept the fucked up way the world works,

the fucked up government,

the fucked up press,

the fucked up businesses…

You end up not knowing shit–

just like the idealists,

but you provide no resistance,

no hope for future generations…

As I stay up all night long

looking at quiet as fuck Las Vegas,

I can’t believe it

and I can.

I’ve been wondering for a while

if evolution called it quits,

if God (Darwin) slammed that shit in reverse.

I mean come on, man,

no one even gives a shit…

Can’t wait for the rich

to get richer and stupider,

thinking money does any goddamn thing at all

to scratch that itch inside their hearts…

Can’t wait for the rest of us

to get poorer and more pathetic,

“Well, geez, I don’t know, things aren’t THAT bad…

You’re just an idealist.”

Idealists are ridiculous,

tiny voices in the crowd

at a heavy metal show,

infants throwing punches at their parents

from their cribs.

They’ll never make a difference


because the band is just way too loud,

the speakers are just way too big,

and their parents will just laugh at them

and blow smoke rings in their faces.

You know what though?

At least they have a fucking pulse!

Just kidding,

it’s all good.

Things will be better soon.

I mean things will be OK.

It’s not our fault anyways,

and for sure,

there is NOTHING we can do about it.


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