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that’s not only great for the audience but also a great business asset article This is an excerpt from “How to Create an Article That’s Not Only Great for the Audience, But Also a Great Business Asset.”

Read the rest of this article » The creative writing association is hoping that a new website, Creative Write, will give its members more control over the way they write and publish their work.

For years, has been the go-to source for freelance writers and editors, but in the last few years it has seen a surge in growth.

The group says it has grown to more than 800,000 members with about 2 million writers on its waiting list.

With the site’s launch, will make it easier for writers to start and grow their online presence.

But for many of the authors who are looking to get their work published, the changes could mean a big jump in their costs. 

“The cost of a writer is a significant barrier to entry,” said Matt Oleson, Creative Writer and Director of Marketing at CreativeWrite, which is based in New York City.

“I think the new website will give writers the ability to really take advantage of what’s been a great platform for us to help people with their writing and to be a more visible presence on their site.” 

What the new site will do is give writers more control of their own online presence, Olesoff said. 

The site will allow writers to create and edit posts, as well as offer guidelines for how to write and cover the site, like the format for stories and how to handle editorial content.

The site will also have more features that give editors and writers more freedom to do what they want with their stories.

“The site is really about making it easier to get your story out there to your fans,” Olesman said.

“The goal of this site is to give writers a tool to have their work out there and get more traffic, so that they can get paid for it.

And that’s really what it is, that’s the goal of it.” 

The group has been making this move for several years.

In 2016, it expanded its content marketing to include a number of new features, including a dedicated blog for writers, a social media dashboard, a video editor and more.

“We have some great features on our site right now that are going to be really helpful to writers,” Oeson said.

The group’s first new feature is an “Editor’s Pick” section. 

It will give editors, writers and aspiring writers an overview of what their content can do for them, along with some links to other great writing resources.

It will also show what kinds of articles have been featured on CreativeWrite’s platform, which includes posts by the site members and their colleagues.

“We are really excited to have our editors in the new team because they will be in a position to really help us with content marketing,” Oelson said, adding that the new blog will also help with the organization’s online presence and marketing.

The other new feature on the site is a “Blogger” section, where authors can upload their own stories and ask other authors for feedback.

The blog will feature both articles and interviews with authors. 

This is a really great feature to have on the blog, said Richelle Johnson, a writer and blogger who has been on Creative Write’s waiting list for more than two years. 

But Johnson said that her time on the waiting list has also given her a sense of urgency about her chances of being published on the website.

“It’s just frustrating to be in this waiting list,” Johnson said.

Johnson is not the only one who feels like the wait has been too long.

She said that she is worried about what it means to her to be on the wait list. 

Johnson, who is from Ohio, was on the Creative Write waiting list since 2012, when the site launched, but has been waiting more than a year now. 

In 2016, Johnson said, she felt like the site had become a “virtual cult.” 

“It was kind of like the cult that I was in,” Johnson told The Washington Post.

“They are going through a process of building up their social media and doing the stuff that’s important to them.

It was like, you know, you can be an online writer, but you’re not going to get any recognition on social media. 

A lot of the writers that are in the waiting lists, I think they feel like they are missing out on a lot of things. 

I think a lot is going on in terms of the content and the community on the [creative] writing website,” Johnson added. 

If you want to join the waitlist, you’ll need to apply online at 

 The new site is just one of several initiatives by CreativeWrite to get its members to more often submit their work to the