Writer ranked highest on CNN Creative Writing Rankings

The writer ranked highest in CNN Creative Writer Rankings in 2016, according to the website’s survey of the top 10 most popular writers in the country.

The ranking was taken in April and May of this year, according the website.

In a release on the site, the company said the rankings were compiled by a panel of writers, editors and editors of all genres, genres and mediums.

It noted that the writers in this year’s rankings have been among the most nominated, and the rankings reflect that, with the highest number of nominations in the genre category.

In 2016, writers ranked among the top 100 in the US for three of the four categories of the ranking: fiction, nonfiction, and nonfiction nonfiction.

The most recent year of the survey included writers who had not yet published their first book.

The 2016 ranking is a milestone for the publication, which has struggled with its sales in recent years.

Last year, the publication had only 5.7 million monthly readers, down from 7.3 million in 2016.