How to get the best of WSU creative writing course

WSU Creative Writing Department Director Andrew Sexton said he wanted to offer creative writing classes in all phases of life.

“The purpose of this is to teach people the skills that you need to be successful in a variety of areas of your life, from creative writing to art, business, management and more,” he said.

“It’s really about how to combine what you’ve learned with the right things, what you love to do, what challenges you have, what passions you’re passionate about, and what skills you’re comfortable with.”

When you’ve completed this, you’ll be a creative writer in the truest sense of the word, with the skills and knowledge that you’ll need to pursue your career in creative writing.

“That means you’ll have the opportunity to write the best stories, to write about subjects that you love, to have your voice heard, and to be heard in the community.”

What it means to be a writer, to be able to make something, to put something together, to present something to the world and the world to hear is incredibly exciting.

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