One of the most popular books in New York City’s public schools has been canceled by the city’s education department

A book in New Yorkers’ public schools called One of America’s Most Popular Books has been abruptly canceled by New York’s Department of Education.

Principal Mark Fong said the school’s new curriculum has been revised in order to comply with new regulations and to help teachers prepare for the new curriculum.

He said he can’t discuss the specifics of the school system’s decision because it’s still under investigation.

Fong told reporters Tuesday that the book will be replaced by another book in the same category, which is still available.

The books are popular among New Yorkers and have drawn many of the citys largest bookstores and movie theaters to the city.

Fongs books are published by Penguin Random House, which has an exclusive deal with the city, and Penguin Randomhouse is the publisher of the books in question.

Fools Fortune, the book in question, has sold more than 7 million copies.

Fong said that while the school district’s new book has been in classrooms since December, it was still not ready to begin teaching it, and that teachers and students needed more time to familiarize themselves with the material.

The district will use a third book to introduce the new material.

Fongs announcement came hours after a student at the school in Brooklyn was arrested for allegedly drawing a picture of President Donald Trump that read “Trump 2016.”

Fong confirmed that the arrest was the result of an ongoing investigation.

He said that students and teachers were encouraged to continue learning the new materials and were encouraged by the district to share their ideas with the district’s principals.FONG said that the books are the result, in part, of the districts policy on teaching materials, which includes the requirement that materials be produced in English.

The school district had asked teachers to prepare their students for the changes in curriculum, and also for the fact that the new book was being made available.

Fung said the district would use a similar strategy to help teach students new language skills, but would not go into details.

Fights have been raging between parents and students in recent weeks, with some parents calling for the books to be cancelled.

The latest fight occurred after an elementary school in New Orleans suspended a teacher for holding a sign that read, “Trump will kill all Muslims,” which was later removed.

The teacher was later reinstated.

In an interview Tuesday with NPR, Fong also said that his district was trying to find a way to accommodate all the students who want to read the books, and to provide them with a safe space where they can learn.

Fonson said the New York district was in the process of trying to create a safe place for students to do this.