What’s the future of creative writing?

Creative writing, a.k.a. the art of writing, is at an all-time high.

There’s a growing recognition that students who master this craft are the future.

But what are the skills and approaches that will help students succeed?

This week, we delve into this question with a panel of experts, including: • Author Michael Chabon • Founder and chief content officer of Scribd, Ryan Holiday • Author and producer of Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things, David Harbour • Author of the novel, The New Jim Crow, Jesse Plemons • Co-founder of The Writing Lab, a nonprofit dedicated to increasing the number of young writers • Writer and editor at the magazine, The Atlantic’s David Grann • Writer, podcaster, and writer of the award-winning podcast The Book Busters • Executive producer of the BBC Radio 4 series, The Book Show, Sarah Wollaston• Writer, producer, and author of the acclaimed documentary, The Invention of Freedom, Ben Walker• Author of The Big Idea: How the Rise of the Creative Class Will Transform Our World and Change Everything, and The Last Word: How to Build a Revolution in America.

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