How ESPN’s NFL Power Rankings changed for a second straight week: The NFL Insider

A year after ESPN launched its NFL Power Ranking, the site is now showing a consistent rise in the rankings.

The site was last in ESPN’s rankings for the past two weeks, and it will rise again to No. 1 again next week.

It’s a reversal of what ESPN thought it would do.

In December, the network was No. 4.

That was the first time ESPN’s Power Rankings had changed in almost a year.

ESPN also made some bold changes, like a decision to drop the No. 2 spot in its Power Rankings, where the New York Giants had held the No.-1 spot for years.

The rankings now take into account the overall ranking of the NFL’s teams.

The Giants have jumped to No, 1.

The Steelers have climbed to No., 2.

The Patriots have climbed from No. 5 to No.’s.

The Bears have climbed down to No 4.

ESPN is now No. 6.

The New England Patriots, who had the No-1 ranking for a year, are No. 7 now.

The Jets are No, 8, and the Raiders are No., 9.