I love my ’emoji’ and am happy with the way they’re now: Uco

I love the way my ’emo’ and ’emojimontage’ emojis look and sound, and I love that they’re available for the whole world to enjoy.

But I also love how they’re so easily lost when I’m not looking at them.

In a recent post about using emoji for design, Uco’s CEO and co-founder, Aaron Rosenberg, said that the emoji we’ve been using for so long have become very “generic” and that we’re no longer going to use them unless we know exactly what we’re doing.

I don’t think he meant that as a compliment.

He said that they don’t fit the “emotional context” of the word “emoji” and it’s time for us to start thinking about how to use the “standard” emoji.

In other words, we’re not using the emoji he said.

It was a dumb point of view.

The real issue with using emojines to communicate is that they can be very easily misinterpreted.

For example, this is the emoji I’ve been referring to above: A. Emoji are supposed to be neutral and they can only represent things you already know about.


Emojis are supposed be neutral when they don