Which of the two ‘worst’ Jewish writers of the last century has the worst record of fraudulence?

  The Jewish writer and activist Uri Avnery is an anti-Zionist and the only person who could claim the title of ‘worst Jewish writer of the past century’ in this year’s annual award.

Avnery was born in New York City in 1921 and grew up in Brooklyn.

He moved to Israel after graduating from high school and wrote articles and articles for The Jewish Times and The Jewish Week, before moving to Israel in 1948.

His work for the Israeli government during the Second Intifada, when more than 3,000 Palestinians were killed and a million others forced from their homes, is credited with saving Israel from a complete destruction by Israel’s military.

In his essay, ‘Why I’m an Anti-Zioli: The Biography of a Anti-Semitic Jew’, Avnery claims that his Jewishness and political stance helped him “mislead and manipulate the public”, as well as the British authorities and other western nations.

“It’s no accident that he’s one of the few writers in Israel who can’t quite tell the difference between a racist and a anti-racist, a Jew and an Arab,” Avnery said in a statement on the award’s website.

“When he was writing for the Israel Radio, I couldn’t help but notice how he would make a point of saying that I am not Jewish.

It’s not a question of identity, but of nationality, and it’s not an important question, it’s a political one, but one I had to understand.” 

The Jewish Weekly Forward has named Avnery the worst Jewish writer in the past 100 years, which it says has happened in three categories: “the worst Jewish novelist, the worst non-Jewish writer, and the worst anti-Semite.”

The awards’ website also says that the “worst anti-Semitism” category has also been named in the last 100 years by the Jewish Week’s editor, Yair Lapid, as well by former Israeli ambassador to the United States Michael Oren.

“Avnery’s political views are no less than despicable, and he is a hypocrite who, like many Israeli leaders, is a big fan of Israel,” Lapid said in the statement.

“He is a liar and a fraud.” 

Avnery is known for his book, The Jewish Way, which has been described as a “biblical-style manifesto” that “promises a radical shift in Jewish society”.

It was banned in many countries, including Britain, Germany, France and Australia. 

The award was created in 1983 and the winners are chosen annually.

The Independent Jewish Agency (IJA) is the oldest and largest organisation in the United Kingdom.

Its board includes several senior Jewish figures, including the current head of the JJA, Jonathan Arkush. 

In 2014, Arkush said that Avnery’s essay “was not about anti-Semitic bigotry, but rather about the anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish policies of Israel”.

The award, which is named after the late Zionist activist Uri Geller, is an annual award given to a Jewish writer or activist.

The IJA says that Avvy is “a world-renowned anti-racism activist”.