10-year-old boy ‘saved’ life after falling out of tree

A boy who fell out of a tree in southern China is recovering from the injuries and will return to school, his parents said Monday.

The incident took place in Zhejiang province about 200 kilometers (124 miles) southeast of Shanghai, the city in China’s southwestern province of Fujian.

The boy, who was 5 when the accident happened, was rushed to a hospital, but he was pronounced dead on arrival, said his parents, Wang Yu and Wu Jian.

The father and son were on their way to work when they got lost, Wu said.

The child fell into a pine tree and landed on the ground, injuring his back and knee.

His parents had no idea how the boy fell out.

They had planned to take the boy to a doctor, but the ambulance driver decided to let him go.

Wang said the boy was in a stable condition and would be able to go back to school this year.

He and his parents are looking forward to reuniting with their son.

“It is really tragic, but our child is recovering and he is going to be able go to school again,” Wang said.

His father said the accident occurred when the boy lost balance and fell from a tree that is about 50 meters (165 feet) tall.

“I’m not happy,” Wang told reporters.

“My son is in a very bad condition and his back is injured.

We had to give up the plan to take him to a doctors,” he said.

He said the child has had injuries from a fall earlier in the day.