The latest job opening for writers

Writers and non-fiction writers, who are seeking jobs in writing and creative writing, will have a good chance of finding work in a number of creative industries this year, according to a new report by the Writers Guild of Canada.

The Writers Guild has released the latest job openings for writers in Canada.

Here are the highlights: Writer: Writing for non-profit and educational institutions, public service organizations, and nonfiction publications.

Writer: In addition to writing, a writer can also work on a book or film project, write or revise a book, or help with a multimedia project.

Writers can find jobs at many levels, including junior and senior staff positions, creative writing positions, freelance jobs, as well as in creative writing programs.

In addition to non-profits, writing and nontextual arts writers are the most likely to be hired as full-time, part-time and part-year employees, according the Guild’s survey.

In the next six months, the organization plans to increase the number of full- and part of-time positions for writers, and to hire more full-timers.

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