2k Thread

“What is this “2k Thread” I keep hearing about?”


I thought I was getting out of poker back in 2012. I’d had enough of the traveling, the variance, and for sure the environment… The Med-High Full Ring sub-forum of Two Plus Two Poker Forums had long been my sanctuary in between sessions, so I decided to give something back to the tiny (but amazing) community there on my way out…

I dropped the original post of 2k- a poker story (wtmfl;dr obv)in the hidden little Internet town the locals simply call “MHFR”–on the morning of 2-15-2012. I thought my little farewell gift (my 2000th post on Two Plus Two/my poker story) would help/entertain a few people and then just disappear into the archives within a week or two (two weeks was a long time for a thread to stay current there). And I thought I would be out of poker altogether in the coming months.

6+ years later and I’m STILL trying to get out of poker.


2k- a poker story (wtmfl;dr obv) is STILL active! Not technically a book (you can’t buy it anywhere/it’s still being written- probably for as long as I live), what started out as my poker story and turned into my life story/a real-time documentary of variance and human nature [as well as a “How To Win At Poker (And Life) Long-Term” guide- in case that sort of thing interests you] is still very much a story worth checking out.

If you are obsessed with poker as I was for many years- and especially if you are considering “going pro”, or if you just really like the idea of reading a real-time documentary of variance and human nature, filled with long-term poker (and life) strategy breakthroughs, darkness, humor, optimism, ugly truths, COMMUNAL behavior, nit behavior, Internet trolls, etc, I suggest you read 2k- a poker story (wtmfl;dr obv) cover to (endless) cover.

If you love poker but don’t really care for all that other stuff and/or you don’t have a zillion hours of free time, I suggest you navigate my 2k Thread via the Pranqster Highlights“.<– Every 1k posts or so, I go through the thread and index/link every post that I think is a highlight (and I do so while drinking Pranqster beer).

And if you are more of a casual poker fan/you just want to dip your toes in a little to see what all the fuss is about, I suggest you start with the “Top 10 Spews<– what I’ve decided (sober) are the ten most notable posts from the entire thread.

However you approach my 2k Thread, I really hope you get something out of it. I never meant for it to become “a thing”, it just happened over time (640,488 views and counting)- I think because people just really love poker real, no matter how ugly it can get…

The 3 ways to check it out:

  1. 2k- a poker story (wtmfl;dr obv) (the entire, endless thread)
  2. Pranqster Highlights” (all the highlights, none of the BS)
  3. Top 10 Spews” (the starter kit)




***If you get something from this content, go ahead and hit up the Reciprocation Station.

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