About Me…

I grew up in shadows and popped in and out of the light for the first half of my life. I wrote about it once, people wanted more, I wrote more

I became an unintentional blogger and a popular one. I wrote about my life as traveling high stakes poker player/dad/degen/vigilante, “DGAF“…

People wanted more, I wrote more...

After wandering aimlessly (and punishing myself at every turn) for the first half of my life, I landed at the very bottom of rock bottom (like the bottom bottom)- I wrote about that too…

I’m currently doing everything I can to ascend back to the surface. It’s a LONG way up, but I plan on making it- and then staying in the fucking light when I get there. I have a pretty strong flashlight and I’m shedding unwanted pounds by the day.

Either way, I’m gonna write about it…



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