Billy McNulty™

(coming soon)

Billy McNulty is my closest friend. We have known each other forever. I helped him write these songs back before the turn of the century. I’m pushing him to finally record them. He’s def not the best singer, but I think his songs are legit. Either way, it’s a free roll for him (and he’s broke AF), no?



Billy McNulty- “Cleanin’ Out The Closet”

 “Just Another Snot-Nosed Kid From A Broken Home”

  1. Pomerado
  2. Pillbox
  3. Sometimes

“Snot-Nosed Kid Moves Out, Experiments With College”

  1. Mr. October
  2. Don’t Go Nuts
  3. Bloodshot

“The Newport Years”

  1. Thacker’s Fat
  2. Withdrawals
  3. Sirelli
  4. Danny’s Gonna Cheat

“You Can’t Go Home Again (But You Can Go Close)”

  1. Not So Proud
  2. Go, Baby Go
  3. Sunday’s Curse
  4. Eighty-Four Tigers
  5. Valencia

“The Long Beach Year…”

  1. Talkin’ Long Beach
  2. And The Candles Are Blue
  3. My Guitar
  4. Blue Ramona
  5. Mad At Somethin’

“The Road Will Make You A Man”

  1. The Highway
  2. Murray’s Turnin’ Five
  3. New Year’s Eve

“Hardest Working Man At The Bowling Alley”

  1. I’ve Gone West
  2. Wendy
  3. Moguls
  4. I Don’t Know

“Chase (The Girl Of) Your Dreams”

  1. Don’t Look Back
  2. Fool For You
  3. Conway’s Irish Pub
  4. Judgment Day

Love Is Confusing/Now What?”

  1. Down On My Luck
  2. I Don’t Want Your Drama
  3. Valentine’s

“The Provider”

  1. Friday Night
  2. Monkey
  3. Don’t Rip Me Off

“The Spots Are Coming Back”

  1. My Girl
  2. Key To My Heart
  3. The News
  4. The Truth
  5. All Night

“New Man”

  1. The Mall
  2. She
  3. I Got Time

Bonus Tracks

*Pomerado (dance track)

*Sometimes (summertime version)

*Follow Billy on Twitter to find out when new songs are released.

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