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1. The Long Run… (in progress)

A brief history of poker before the boom (Poker B.C.), a detailed history of poker after the boom (Poker A.D.), where the game is headed moving forward and what can be done about it. Written by an insider- one of the few poker pros that has actually been around to see it all…

2. 200k (coming soon)

Anecdotes from my career as a full-time, high stakes poker pro. I drove the San Diego–Los Angeles–Las Vegas triangle for over 10 years, and I did so in a brand new Lexus IS250 that had 200k miles on it before I finally ran out of gas…

3. What’s Your Cycle? (coming soon)

A very “un-scary” (and kinda funny) intro to mental health, co-written with my psychiatrist friend, Dr. David Naimark.


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