After a decade long hiatus (one filled with non-stop adventure, massive swings of all sorts and basically pure surrealism that only belongs in a book), I’m getting back into business…

I was a pretty sharp business manager before I became a full-time poker pro in 2008 (I was Regional Manager of the Las Vegas and San Diego territories for a food delivery company that got bought out by Grub Hub shortly after I left), and I hope to become a pretty sharp businessman as I begin to move on from poker in 2018.

After digging my way out of massive debt (please God, it’s been too long) and eventually achieving financial security (this seems like a million miles away- but I know it’s not/it might come fast if something takes off), I have no interest in becoming wealthy<– I’ve seen the data and that just doesn’t bring happiness/inner peace.

(it often brings the opposite)

I do want to build a MASSIVE corporation though. A corporation built around a brand that both consumers and employees can trust. A brand that forbids nit behavior and celebrates COMMUNAL behavior. A brand to believe in…

The DGAF brand?

Why not?

(well probably I’ll have to call it something else, but it will be everything I stand for)

I want to I want to empower others to dive into every market possible, set up shop, and change lives forever. I want my corporation to be a movement- one that keeps growing long after I’m gone…

One that is actually of the people, by the people, and for the fucking people.



Below are all my current businesses and the ways you can support them if you choose to.


1-12-18– this blog site you are on is not only where I organize all my writings and projects, it’s also a legit business. It has costs (mostly my time- a lot of it, but some of my money too) and therefore it needs to generate revenue.

How you can support this venture? Follow my blog by email, mash the “like” button whenever you are so inclined, and share any post/page/the whole damn thing with others if you think they might enjoy it as well. All this leads to increased traffic and increased advertising revenue.

Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

2k Thread– yes, 2k- a poker story (wtmfl;dr obv) technically lives on Two Plus Two Poker Forums (and so they are the ones directly benefitting from all the views/clicks), but I have also indexed it 2 different ways on this blog site, and I really think more people should reciprocate my efforts over the years/moving forward by wetting my beak at least once.

Want to buy me a beer?

My poker/life story, written over 6 years- with no ending in sight, is free to read any way you like (“Top 10 Spews”, “Pranqster Highlights”, or the whole damn thing in all its guts and glory). If after reading it you decide you want to buy me a beer (countless people have messaged me saying exactly this), here is your opportunity. 3 bucks should get me a beer at the bars I like to go to… Much appreciated, DGAF


Blog Posts– these come out of me uncontrollably and don’t take much effort or time. But some of them (not all obv) are really good. And certainly a lot of energy went into living so hard and so weird for so long that I have so much to spew about.

Just sayin…

Buy the blogger a beer…

All this hard living and writing about it makes me thirsty... You gonna buy one or be one?


Books– it’s pretty simple, if you like the intro and first chapter and the whole book projects to be worth your twenty bucks, go ahead and drop an Andrew Jackson…

Pre-order “The Long Run…”

AKA “Light a fire under my ass to finish this book!” I will donate $1 to the Las Vegas homeless for every pre-ordered book. All purchases will be refunded in full if the book doesn’t get published for any reason. It will be an Ebook or an Ibook (or both). Cancel and get a full refund at any time.


Podcasts– I have two podcasts, Solicited Advice Podcast and DGAF’s Poker Sessions. If you like one or both, PLEASE HIT SUBSCRIBE, and maybe tell a friend or two to give a listen. The more subscribers, the more advertising dollars.

Twitter– If you think my Twitter is entertaining (it is), go ahead and follow. Then like or retweet or reply any of my tweets that you think deserve it. This is a huge albeit indirect secret to me becoming anywhere near the businessman I want to.

DGAF For Hire (click to read about it)

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Poker Rags™  (click to read about it)

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