The DGAF Community

It used to be my grandiose dream to build an online community of Communal Folk where everyone is equal and diversity is cherished, so there is no judging, hating, trolling–none of that shit, just people helping people with their wisdom, their stories, and whatever else they’ve got…

The inspiration for my dream came from my 2k Thread. I gave everything I had to the anonymous readers in there for a long time. And then, organically (I never even considered it, much less asked for it) the anonymous readers just started giving back in whatever ways they could.

And then, shortly after I started podcasting, my dream started to become a reality…

You see, “Sessions“, the butterfly to the caterpillar that was my 2k Thread, it quickly became my full-time job. There is just A LOT that goes into producing a high volume podcast, even if you don’t edit the recordings (which I refuse to do because I think it takes away from the relaxing aspect of listening)…

And so I needed to come up with a way to be compensated for my full-time job (one I was/am absolutely in love with ftr), or sadly I would have to end the project and do something more financially responsible with my time. I considered having paid advertisements like most podcasts do, but those don’t really a line with my “Fuck The Man” stance in life.


Those advertisements tilt me to no end when I am listening. Just when my mind gets taken away and I forget about my own problems or my rough commute or whatever, the story pauses and I have to hear about some mattress I can’t afford or whatever.

So I opted for a compensation model that fits me much better. I simply started asking loyal listeners to pledge $4.22 a month (or more) to help pay my salary–for my full-time job. I did this over on Patreon. And then it was time to come up with some additional perks for signing up. And one option was starting a private, members only community on reddit…


I had luckboxed my way into making my once grandiose dream a reality. By nature of every member reciprocating my content-producing efforts to get in, every single person in the new community was Communal!

Fuck. Yes!

It didn’t take long before I realized that the reddit platform was not a good fit for our ever-growing community. So I decided to have a custom website built, almost a replica of Two Plus Two Poker Forums, but of course, all Communal Folk/no nits!

And so on this day that I write this blog post, that new website is being built. The community is already 160+ Communal Folk strong. And I should mention, the funding for the new home for our community came from one of the most amazing people I have ever come across, OG Member of the community, Brian Space.

Thanks, Brian!

Sometimes dreams become reality. And this ever-growing community of amazing people is the perfect example of that. If you want to be a part of it for the right reasons (nits will be weeded out), please head on over to Patreon and become a “Patron”, aka a member of The DGAF Community today!

Thanks for the support and I hope to see you in the already amazing community soon!






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