Dear Poker World,

This book is for anyone who loves playing poker and winning money…

Many thanks to those who raised me, supported me and loved me over the years. I just did what I could do (as did you)…

This book is dedicated to the “2k- a poker story (wtmfl;dr obv)” community. We haven’t always been right (who is?), but overall we’ve nailed it…

The economy went busto in 2008. By 2012, a race to the bottom was well underway in the poker world. We got in the way of runners all over the world- wherever we could. We demanded people slow down and think. We waived a Mutombo finger to selfishness and shortsightedness. We did a lot to keep this bitch afloat.

More impressively, we formed a community- a real one…

What started out as me pouring my soul out to you (for both our sakes) evolved into a beautiful flow of give and take- one that lives on today (in private messages and beyond). I don’t exaggerate when I say that you guys got me through the hardest part of my life. Nor am I bullshitting when I say that you guys (and girls) are the reason I believe amazing things are possible if COMMUNAL people band together.

You give me the confidence to write books, build blog sites, record podcasts, found ambitious startups- record music even… All in the name of declaring war against The Nits (“Nit” =/= tight poker player- that’s an old misinterpretation; “Nit” = anyone who takes more than they give, who wants more than they need- and has no problem infringing on others to get it).

Thank you/let’s get ‘em-


***This book is also dedicated to my kids. I love you both endlessly- not just for giving me purpose in life (and melting my heart daily), but for making the world a better place with your beautiful smiles- and your empathy. You may be spoiled now (not entirely my fault- definitely not yours), but you will not grow up to be nits. You will grow up to do amazing things–small or large–for humanity, and you will be extremely happy you did, in the long run…


Pre-order “The Long Run…”

AKA “Light a fire under my ass to finish this book!” I will donate $1 to the Las Vegas homeless for every pre-ordered book. All purchases will be refunded in full if the book doesn’t get published for any reason. It will be an Ebook or an Ibook (or both). Cancel and get a full refund at any time.


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