DGAF For Hire

If you need some advice, you can email my podcast at SolicitedAdvicePodcast@gmail.com. I have a very objective, logical and strategic mind when it comes to addressing problems (aside from my own). I helped my co-host, Dr. David Naimark, turn his life around the first time I met up with him for drinks <– is what sparked the idea for our podcast.

We may select your email to discuss on one of our Solicited Advice Podcast episodes. But if we don’t (it would be impossible to select all emails, no offense) or you want further advice, you can hire me for any amount of hours to look over your situation, analyze it and then provide you with what I think is the best course of action moving forward.

If you have (non-technical) poker questions and want some advice on that front you can also hire me for any amount of hours. I’m one of the few who has been around long enough to actually drop some real wisdom, and my poker resume is both very public and very undeniable. I have already been an expert witness in a poker lawsuit and believe my client was more than satisfied with my work. And if you just need to be coached up on being good for the game/getting action, I am fully on board with that.

Lastly, if you are looking to degen it up in Las Vegas and you need a trip planner or a tour guide, I am your man. I can point you in the right direction for EVERYTHING (I don’t judge obviously). I also know how to have fun on any night/in any situation. Hire me to set up a Vegas trip for your group- or to cruise along if you want a degen tour guide!

I much prefer helping people in any of the three areas above than going and playing poker. So please CONTACT me if you have any inquires or want to set something up. I charge $100/hour for now with no minimum amount of hours for email correspondence, but a 5-hour minimum for the degen tour guide stuff.



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