Do you pay it forward at least half the time?

Do you pay it back always?

Basic math tells me that COMMUNAL behavior is the only behavior that works as a system- in any relationship, community, city, state, province, etc.

And yet…

COMMUNAL behavior is seemingly nonexistent all across the globe.

Selfishness, greed, lack of empathy, only looking out for #1, etc., has gotten us to where we are today; massive inequality/a gross imbalance in living conditions, health, freedom, wealth, power, etc.

No one is happy. There is no trust, no inner peace, no real camaraderie. Just blind ambition, skepticism, stress, frustration–and emptiness. Even the nits with all the money are miserable.

Especially the nits with all the money are miserable…

It’s time to be smarter. It’s time to stop extrapolating Darwin’s “Survival of The Fittest” from biology to humanity. We need to finally come together as people, shun greed and start respecting and looking out for everyone/all life.

We need some fucking teamwork.

(at least that’s what the math says)



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