Help a brother out…

There are a handful of people in this world I am in debt to, financially or otherwise (some A LOT). I will get you guys back as soon as I can- I always do…

To those who are in debt to me, financially or otherwise (i.e. if my spew over the years has benefitted you in some way), please get me back whenever and however you can…

Just do what you think is right based on your situation and how much I’ve helped you (or pay it forward a little if you just believe in my ambitions/want to be a sport)…

Nothing more, but also (I’m 100% fine saying this now that I’ve finally done the math/thought through the functionality of COMMUNAL behavior vs nit behavior) nothing less

Don’t hate- reciprocate!




2 quick, FREE and super basic ways to reciprocate (everyone who got to this page should do these imo):

  1. Follow This only takes a few seconds and is free to do. Once I get substantial followers I will be able to start generating advertising revenue (AKA “money from the man”). 

    Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

  2. Follow me on Twitter and give likes and retweets whenever you think they are warranted. This will give all my projects maximum exposure.

If everyone I’ve helped over the years just did these 2 simple things I would be well on my way back up to financial sea-level…

1 more quick and FREE way to reciprocate (all fans of my podcasts should do this imo):

  1. Subscribe to Solicited Advice Podcast and/or DGAF’s Poker Sessions wherever you get podcasts (iTunes, the iPhone app, the Android app, Overcast, Stitcher, etc) and leave positive reviews whenever you think they are warranted.

Other quick and easy ways to reciprocate- but you gotta get your wallet out: 

  • If you have gotten something significant from my 2k thread and you have $3 to spare, go ahead and buy me a beer:

Want to buy me a beer?

My poker/life story, written over 6 years- with no ending in sight, is free to read any way you like (“Top 10 Spews”, “Pranqster Highlights”, or the whole damn thing in all its guts and glory). If after reading it you decide you want to buy me a beer (countless people have messaged me saying exactly this), here is your opportunity. 3 bucks should get me a beer at the bars I like to go to… Much appreciated, DGAF


  • Whenever one of my blog posts really moves you, and you have $3 extra bucks in your wallet that day, same- go ahead and buy one:

Buy the blogger a beer…

All this hard living and writing about it makes me thirsty... You gonna buy one or be one?


  • If after reading a chapter or two of one of my books you decide you like it, go ahead and drop a 20 on it:

Pre-order “The Long Run…”

AKA “Light a fire under my ass to finish this book!” I will donate $1 to the Las Vegas homeless for every pre-ordered book. All purchases will be refunded in full if the book doesn’t get published for any reason. It will be an Ebook or an Ibook (or both). Cancel and get a full refund at any time.


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