I podcast because talking is therapeutic. And because I have a lot to say. And because I love helping others- it’s the only thing that makes me feel whole inside…

Podcasting is, pure and simple, my new dream job (fuck poker)!



1. Solicited Advice Podcast

I co-host a weekly advice podcast with my psychiatrist friend, Dr. David Naimark. It’s a very “un-scary” intro to mental health, but more so it’s just two dudes trying to help people (themselves included) once a week over some good beer!

Here is a message I got on Twitter about the show…

“Hi. I wanted to say thank you for your podcast. It is because of you and david that i finally went to see a therapist for the first time last week. i think you guys might have saved my life. keep it up dude. much love from a stranger”

More info…

2. Sessions

I only still play poker because I have to. I’m in significant debt and finally/fully committed to getting out of it. I play sober now (ewww- now that is scary) and I record a bite-size podcast after each session.

Here is a comment someone posted on Reddit about the show…

“This is the most entertaining poker podcast I’ve listened too. DGAF has a really gonzo style of distilling a hand breakdown where he doesn’t divulge his strategy intimately, yet is also quite dense and substantive at the same time.”

More info…

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