Poker Rags™

***I am EXTREMELY busy these days building my blog site, writing my book, creating blog posts, recording songs, working my freelance job, playing poker, being a Dad, etc…

I am looking for 10 talented, hard working people to take 1% of Poker Rags™ (each) in exchange for making my startup their labor of love (AKA working on something interesting to help get it off the ground/make it better during their free time- not interfering with their normal schedules).

Please CONTACT me if you are feeling the COMMUNAL vibe and are looking to gamble on Poker Rags™. It’s going to take off, it’s just a matter of when and with whom…


^^^ the URL that is going to change the world. Like my blog site (the one you are currently on), my startup site is very much a work in progress. But I have no problem working on it. I am passionate as hell about it. I believe in it. It’s 3 things.

Online Clothing Store


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Only 4 shirts to choose from so far. I honestly see no boundaries though- if I move the 4 shirts and get the right people on board to obsess with me over comfort, quality, design and service innovation” moving forward…

*Smart business people have warned me that the clothing industry is nearly impossible to crack. I’m going for it anyways, because I think the big clothing companies have actually gotten way too comfortable– and their products have not.

All-Inclusive Website


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GoDaddy is very limited. As soon as there are enough hits/subscribers to justify it, I am going to move pokerrags.US to something much bigger and better… Having said that, I think pokerrags.US is already pretty resourceful (and it’s just me–someone learning all this tech stuff as he goes along–contributing to it so far). If you get time, go through the 11 pages of humor, real poker (and life) strategy, music playlists, Vegas recs, online shopping, cooking tips, exercise tips, community building (via photo galleries), etc.

Please CONTACT me if you have ANY feedback. Eventually I want Poker Rags™ to be Facebook- except for COMMUNAL people only, and way cooler obv. I can’t do it by myself though…



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Poker Rags™ Rats (<– click and scroll down to see all the rats so far) are folks who live outside the rat race. They are not greedy nor blindly ambitious nor do they infringe on others <– they know that is just bad math. Instead, they are COMMUNAL (perfect math) and thus able to achieve real inner peace/happiness…

Armed with solidarity/strength in numbers for the first time (anywhere), COMMUNAL folk will finally be equipped to stand up to all the nits of the world…

All the nits of the world must be stood up to. They are the minority BY FAR- and yet they have ALL the power. They are responsible for all the inequality, corruption, mistrust, unhappiness, etc in the world They are killing our Mother…

Fight The Power!

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