“Pranqster Highlights” (Installment #2)

So I’m burnt the fuck out again from trying to get all my endeavors off the ground. Just turned on El Chapo season 2 (lots of man on man, no?) and popped another big boy Pranqster. I’ll try to only link the good/important shit this time…

THIS POST is from someone who has been around forever. It’s good to listen to people who have been around forever. I think he is right to not seek out 0EV flips, I’m still not exactly sure why though (I refuse to be results oriented)…

Solid post. I try to be objective. Unfortunately I’ve only gone on one real heater since the first one that made me a pro (and no one acknowledges their first one). It was when I went to the WSOP in 2012 or 2013 (can’t remember) and demolished everyone HU. I’ve documented it plenty imo. 100% though I tend to only write/create art when I’m confused or in pain…

Perfect example of someone I was too nice to, despite him acting like a goofball/polluting my thread with his shit…

Perfect example of the posters that get me through the hardest of times/make it all worth it. Thanks whoever you are, sincerely…


More Abyss FOLLOW UP Some insights into my results.

A real GLIMPSE of mind-blowing variance. It won’t seem real, but… IT IS.

There are some good BRM posts after ^^^ but I’m allergic to those obv…

I do like variance though! RG3 vs Russell Wilson…

My weird response to people who didn’t believe me that I could easily never play a hand of poker again (aka “THE COAL MINER“).

The Abyss was a bigger part of my thread than I remembered… Defense mechanism obv that I had forgotten. HERE is some nice venting/making it thorough imo.

SCANSION’S CRAZY GIRLFRIEND (I will forever have the amazing memory of me and this kid trying to buy pieces of GMAN in the Main at markDOWN over beers at that weird rio bar near registration that has dancers- I live for belabored jokes/extended laughing… GMAN didn’t sell and got like top 50 or whatever partying the whole time.)


MY THIRD UPDATE/A look back at The Abyss…

NO FRIENDS in poker.

Some good discussion about playing with friends follows the above link but my Pranqster is getting low and I want a new topic (I legit have no idea what is coming as I scroll through my own thread)…

THIS GUY is a good poster that called me out correctly a few times iirc. Here’s a good post about personality types in poker. Respect…



Podcast regret


Bobby Hoff was chill

No one gets out alive (more BOBBY HOFF). R.I.P. Legend!

OK just read the entire thread. It’s much better than I thought. I thought it was speckles of gold, but it’s actually much more than that. Maybe I could make it a book?

For some reason I thought a 15K MONTHLY NUT was chill… I didn’t think this post would make SportsCenter, but there is gold in it- and some foreshadowing (I hope).

Ok, I’ll be more scrupulous!

important CHECKLIST tho…

I talk to GOD.

Dan Coleman: PREACH!

Put a BULLET in Full-Ring poker (standard structure).

Don’t text and drive!

A lot of good “Straddle” discussion but I gotta hurry- Pranqster almost empty!

… Also some good PLO vs NL discussion (but no time to link)


I’m linking this post for me and someone else (no need to click)




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