“Pranqster Highlights” (Installment #3)


Ice Man nicknamed me THE PEACEMAKER

A weird essay called THE INHABITANTS

A GOOD FUCKING POST I just noticed.

BALANCING THE DISCUSSION a little… This guy is a v good poster.

Fuck it, Fiona is worth it (quick thread detour)…

Recs get the RED CARPET/I tilt sometimes…

Grass is always GREENER?

TOP 10 THINGS people want in their jobs.

PHIL LAAK is next level?

I now know what a nit really is- this post was prob the beginning of me FIGURING IT OUT.

Thread gets kind of lame/trolly for a while. I’ll keep combing…


The trolls almost killed the thread…

GMAN goes in “the well” (lots of questions and his responses in the posts that follow- use the post count in the upper right hand corner in spots like this and then find that post as your starting point in the actual thread)…

Another detourOMG I posted a thread in the dealer sub-forum. It did not go well…

Thread reaches a low point, nothing to link. I’ll pop another big boy Pranqster and finish this bitch soon (I know some good dark shit is coming- I can hear the rumbling in the sky)…



Want to buy me a beer?

My poker/life story, written over 6 years- with no ending in sight, is free to read any way you like (“Top 10 Spews”, “Pranqster Highlights”, or the whole damn thing in all its guts and glory). If after reading it you decide you want to buy me a beer (countless people have messaged me saying exactly this), here is your opportunity. 3 bucks should get me a beer at the bars I like to go to… Much appreciated, DGAF



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