“Pranqster Highlights” (Installment #4)





Let’s finish this bitch/one last “Pranqster Highlights” sesh… In all seriousness, this thread is objectively pretty incredible in many ways. And I was merely the driver, these guys/girls made it what it is…

(no joke I got a bum cork and it won’t come out<– even God doesn’t want me to finish projects sometimes!)



OK lezgo…

(Fiona stopped eating?)


No idea what the Kanye stuff was about (sleep-deprivation is a helluva drug, but here is how you cultivate/maintain games that can actually be beat (FWTW)…

There was actually a pretty good dealer/tipping discussion in the previous posts, but THIS post was the highlight of the discussion imo.

If you are in the service industry, you best have THICK SKIN.

I’m really hoping my obsession with reciprocation/communal behavior does THIS as well. The world would just heal so quickly…

MHFR aside, twoplustwo really is a huge joke

I mean

Haha they got me!

OK, better links ahead…

I’m down to move all the forum traffic to pokerrags.US (once I upgrade it) though

My thread took a weird turn when I stepped out of the GOAT 2p2 sub-forum, MHFR, for a second and visited the WOAT 2p2 sub-forum, CLP, tried to do some good (sincerely), got censored, wasn’t really having it (but was respectful/calm), and then got temporarily banned by 2p2 for expressing my opinion on the matter!

Sorry for the derail/boring AF rant- back to the thread…

If you are a full-time professional poker player, start planning your EXIT STRATEGY now….

A lot of good business talk to check out in this part of the thread…

A legend with a legendary POST (I ate at this place recently and it was exactly as described)…

THIS kind of post got me through (I think I’m “through” now)…

Thread CLARIFICATION/my reply to the above (with a bonus rant lol).

Read this if you are thinking of going pro.

I can honestly say I do not miss betting sports. God I’ve run like dog FUCK in poker for a long time tho!

William H Macy (and the writer), so sick! I want Fiona to eat more tho…

lsdeeee– just makes me smile when I see his posts (don’t hate me for linking a dumb post about running like garbage in sports- at least I didn’t ALL CAP it). He’s a chill AF dude who has been cool to me 100% of the time over MANY times<– how many people you know like that in the poker world (or the real one)?

Jesus no wonder people don’t say I look young for my age anymore

The first comment I got on this blog site was a very unfavorable one (it was about Poker Rags™, and it was posted in the comments of this blog post). I wonder why?

Training sites chill? NAH

So if variance is crazy online/at warp speed, what does that say about variance in live poker/a worm race? Solid post.

Addicts gonna ADDICT (except I don’t miss it at all- is that weird?). And yeah, I lost that bet/Wizards didn’t cover

Seriously, if you play poker too long you start trolling EVEN WHEN YOU KNOW YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO WILL EVER KNOW. Whatever gets you through, as they say (the hh is in the “ADDICT” link above)…

If you wonder why I’m so crazy for reciprocation, it’s because I’ve been NITTED  to death in my poker career (by people I never expected it from). Fuck nits/we gonna get em soon…

Another WARNING for you poker pros/aspiring poker pros.

I used to play HARD against everyone too. I thought I would forever. I was wrong…

Having said that, I love THIS FUCKER and he ships vs me light all the time, and he knows I’m financially fucked- but that’s just him. He also tips nit cocktail waitresses 18 on 7, so there’s that…

Great POST. I want to change that though…

^^^ is where the thread gets most real and we all start to realize most of our relationships are bullshit (sad but true).

Don’t kick A MAN when he’s down?

Who is going to make the next BREAKING BAD? It should be about a poker pro who stops running way above expectation (aka “gets cancer”) imo.

It’s fun (for me at least) to see how I became WHO I AM

Goat QUOTE from a movie…

Note: The poster who posted the quote above has reciprocated my efforts/contributions to the poker community by providing support in my thread, feedback on my projects, and most importantly- he was the first one to buy me a few cyber-beers as a way of saying thank you for the 2k thread! And we’ve never met/live on opposite sides of the country<– gives me hope that selfish, self-absorbed, nit behavior could someday be extinguished…

this hand was chill…

This guy is a wise poster (he’s a psychiatrist), a fun drinking buddy, and a stone cold reciprocating/COMMUNAL MF. He’s also a friend (we’ve graduated from acquaintances)- one I made in my thread basically. The world/humanity is not dead yet. People just need to set good examples…

Tough runout


I used to love Jane’s Addiction. Nothing’s Shocking.

I like this post (no brag). PERSPECTIVE

I can really RANT.

Fuck man, poker GOT me.

lol at this sn (this dude reciprocates/is COMMUNAL too)

PRELUDE to an insanely elaborate 3-part (zillion word) conclusion that wasn’t…

THIS KICKS OFF 5 STRAIGHT posts that make up Part 1 of the conclusion.

Man, you really were/are something. I hope you get the help you need (sincerely).

I’m trying man!

You are a joke. Get help. Change.

PART 2 of “the conclusion”


“The conclusion” to my thread was basically my run through rock bottom- in poker and in life. I’m almost knowledgeable enough to say it was, in fact, a mental breakdown (I do freelance work for a psychiatrist). There were several times where I didn’t think I was going to make it through, and a few times where I didn’t care if I made it through/thought it might be better if I didn’t. Survival instinct is a mother fucker though…



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