2k Thread: “Pranqster Highlights”

I hope you enjoy reading the “Pranqster Highlights” half as much as I enjoy creating them:

  1. Installment #1 (posts 1 – 1027)
  2. Installment #2 (posts 1028 – 1901)
  3. Installment #3 (posts 1902 – 2547)
  4. Installment #4 (posts 2548 – 3396)
  5. Installment #5 (posts 3397 – 5000) <– coming soon
  6. Installment #6 (posts 5001 – 6000) <– coming soon


Note: I was gonna comb through my 2k thread and link (only) the highlights/major posts… But then I popped the cork on a big boy Pranqster (I had been working hard on this blog site all day and my brain was starting to hurt), fired up Netflix, and just started linking whatever caught my eye/brought back memories as I skimmed the thread and watched Shameless…

Pranqster is not a beer to drink fast, so I made it all the way through The Abyss post (and almost 2 episodes of the best show ever) before my bottle was dry. I’ll comb through more posts soon- and I’ll keep doing it until I get through the conclusion of the thread. Maybe I’ll even be more professional the rest of the way (unsure)…



Update: Creating “Pranqster Highlights” for the first quarter of “2k- poker story (wtmfl;dr obv)” proved to be too much fun/a way too necessary break from all the sober writing/editing I’ve been doing lately, so that’s what I ended up doing throughout the thread: 4 sessions of combing through ~ 1000 posts (each time), a big boy Pranqster in my left hand, linking whatever seemed like gold to me in the moment with my right hand- while watching Shameless or El Chapo…



Update: I did go back and ALL CAP the links to what I think are the actual highlights/major posts of the thread over some coffee, just for balance/because I’m trying to be a little more mature these days. Also, I did it because I fucking believe in the thread/it’s basically my life’s work/I want it to be accessible to everyone who wants to check it out…



Update: I now realize 2k- poker story (wtmfl;dr obv) may never die. There have already been 1k+ more posts in it since I finished linking the 4th installment/up through what was supposed to be the conclusion to the thread (post #3396). If/when the thread gets to 5k posts total, I’ll do another installment to catch up. And then I’ll do installments for every 1k posts (exactly) after that moving forward…



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My poker/life story, written over 6 years- with no ending in sight, is free to read any way you like (“Top 10 Spews”, “Pranqster Highlights”, or the whole damn thing in all its guts and glory). If after reading it you decide you want to buy me a beer (countless people have messaged me saying exactly this), here is your opportunity. 3 bucks should get me a beer at the bars I like to go to… Much appreciated, DGAF



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