Reciprocation Station

Many people ask me how they can reciprocate my content-producing efforts (they know posting and podding is a full time job for me). Here is the list of ways I have come up:

(Please only do whatever is right for you. But also, yeah, if you dig my content you should probably at least do the free stuff…)

  1. Follow this blog site to have my New Spew emailed to you the moment I hit “Publish” (the incredibly simple form for this is on the home page).
  2. Follow me on Twitter @DGAFPokerPlayer to be kept in the loop on all my projects (and then Retweet and mention them from time to time).
  3. Leave a (5-Star) review for both my podcasts wherever you get podcasts.
  4. Subscribe to both my podcasts wherever you get podcasts.
  5. Pre-order a copy of “The Long Run…
  6. Bust out your credit card and go shopping at pokerrags.US.
  7. Subscribe to my Patreon pageChoose the tier that is right for you (any tier is greatly appreciated).

Did you do what you could do/what felt right? OK cool, we are square now. Please continue to enjoy the content I put out. Also, you are now officially a part of the community.



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