It’s 1 am on Friday, August 24, 2018. I’m typing this message from my office at my friend Dr. David Naimark’s house. I don’t have a home in San Diego (I moved out of the beautiful house my kids and soon-to-be ex-wife live in on February 14th- I still pay for it however) but thankfully David let’s me stay at his house for free whenever he doesn’t have company. He also lets me keep an office here in an old sun room, where I can keep all my shit and spew all night if I want- how fucking amazing is that?

I recorded an episode of Solicited Advice Podcast with David and special guest, Sean Snyder, last night. Then Sean and I went to a bar (David dropped us off- standard amazing David stuff). Then Sean and I came back with some Cotixan and listened to the episode we recorded (name TBD) in my office. The episode was a brief segment of “Bro Therapy” and then a longer segment (that I will probably split in two) where the three of us discussed a pretty dark email, sent in by a listener who is really going through some shit…

That listener was me.

I have been working my ASS to try to get out of debt. Poker is still my best option for work despite having no roll. And contrary to what you would ever hear me say in person- especially at a poker table, I am really good at poker,


I’m only up a little over __k this year. And as entitled as this my be, that number (it’s in the podcast- it sounds higher than it is, if that makes any sense) has me on full blown tilt. __k just ain’t gonna get it done. Not with my bills. Not with my debt. Not after I had my first losing year ever in 2017.

Oh yeah, I also do part-time work for David that also nets me around the same amount I’m up in poker so far this year.

(he really is incredible- the most generous person I have ever met)

__k + __k = ___k. I know we are only 2/3 the way through the year (and that’s a pretty high number in theory), but ___k just ain’t getting it done at this point either. I mean, not while I owe everyone and their mother (and my mother- who I have a nice little low interest 20k loan with) and every credit card company.

Before someone says, “WTF, lower your monthly nut, idiot.” I have lowered it as much as I can. It’s just not that easy when you are going through divorce and have been the sole provider for four, for over a decade, in one of the nicest areas on the planet.

Back to the point- I need to make more moola!

And I need to do it (for now) playing poker…

From now until I’m out of debt (last time I checked the hole I live in was ~ a quarter milly feet deep), I’m going to give poker one last serious hurrah. I have been playing on auto-pilot for years (and making relatively great money- just not nearly enough). It’s time to go on one more serious run (I did this re-dedicating thing once before in 2012 and had my best year ever). So…

I am going to play 3 times a week moving forward- and I’m going to play each session sober. 


I’m also going to work out and study before each session- and then I’m going to record a 20-minute or so podcast (with a cold one in hand finally, like a soldier just back from war) after each session. It might take me a month or so to re-acclimate to playing with all my wits, but I will re-acclimate. And once I start building any roll at all I’m going to start playing bigger and bigger, coming after any pro that gets in my way (I will still of course be the biggest softie ever with recreational players). Seriously.

Welcome to “Sessions”.



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