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I meet with my psychiatrist friend, Dr. David Naimark, once a week in his living room in beautiful Encinitas, CA. We usually have a libation (or two) and many laughs. We set up a microphone between us and record for about an hour.

We start off each show with some “Bro Therapy”– we check in on each other, give some tough love if need be, remind each other of the Evolution Chart if one of us loses perspective (we are basically all just apes so no need to be so serious), and basically just run through the highs and lows of the previous week.

^^^ easy and fun process/weekly rhythm, which we simply call “Bro Therapy”, keeps both of us from ever going too low. It also sets a great example for our listeners we believe

We know it makes them feel less alone.

“Everyone has something they deal with–some sort of mental health cycle. Most don’t have a severe mental illness (SMI), but many do. It’s all OK. No one chooses their cycle, so no point in feeling bad about it. ALL cycles are treatable and manageable… Having said that, people can actually reduce their mental health cycles significantly if they just learn to breathe, talk, absolutely forget about having any secondary anxiety (anxiety about the cycle you didn’t choose), and then just get medicated if need be… They can literally change the chemistry of their brains–if they just do the simple things we talk about in our show.”

-Dr. David Naimark (gratuitously paraphrased)

After “Bro Therapy”, David and I take on one topic per week (sometimes pertaining directly to mental health, often not) that we think we can lend some good advice on. David is a highly respected mental health expert, and me, I’m just really good at assessing a situation and then strategizing (playing poker for a career hasn’t been all bad). Sometimes we have guests come over to offer (or get) some advice (they are included in the “Bro Therapy”, whether they are male or female), often times we read an email that was submitted us, and sometimes we just take on a current event.

Sit back, relax, crack a Belgian beer maybe, and get ready to both laugh a lot and learn how to have a much less tumultuous life.


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