Table of Contents

1. Poker B.C. (“Poker Before Chris”)

A) The First Boom

B) Tiny Fields

C) “The Big Game”


2. Poker A.D. (“Poker After Doyle”)

A) The Perfect Storm

B) Theory of Poker and Super System

C) Sports Cars & Baller Pads


3. A Race To The Bottom

A) Heaters Got Unplugged…

B) Poker Capitalists (aka “The Biggest Nits of All”)

C) The Economy Went Busto…


4. The Sprint To The Finish Line

A) Everyone Becomes A Nit…

B) LOL Donkaments

C) The Bubble Gets Too Big


5. The Finish Line 


6. Alternative Ending/The Next Boom

A) Social Game (Hey ladies!)

B) A Fair Hustle (unwritten rules, respect, code)

C) L.P.D.P. (“Los Pepes De Poker”)


7. A Long–And Clear–View…

A) A Look Out As Far As You Can- Use Binoculars!

B) Test Every Behavior As A System…

C) A Pit Game?


Pre-order “The Long Run…”

AKA “Light a fire under my ass to finish this book!” I will donate $1 to the Las Vegas homeless for every pre-ordered book. All purchases will be refunded in full if the book doesn’t get published for any reason. It will be an Ebook or an Ibook (or both). Cancel and get a full refund at any time.


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