The Long Run…

Pre-order “The Long Run…”

AKA “Light a fire under my ass to finish this book!” I will donate $1 to the Las Vegas homeless for every pre-ordered book. All purchases will be refunded in full if the book doesn’t get published for any reason. It will be an Ebook or an Ibook (or both). Cancel and get a full refund at any time.


Folks who pre-ordered “The Long Run…”/are lighting a fire under my ass to finish it: sarganaga, Rob Roseman, James Rankin, Jacob Pavelich, onedollars, GSam (2 copies), genghiskan, Ryan Arnold, Bradley Livermore, Marc Goone, Brandon Laks, YoungOne, kagey, Daniel Snelgrove, Eri_Manga, Marcel Goldenbeit (5 copies), Sean Snyder, Andy Rowe, Mike Anderson, Bryan Lawell, Eithan Zilkha, Peter Beckfield, Lei Lagleva

Money raised by “The Long Run…” for the Las Vegas homeless: $28

***If you pre-order “The Long Run…” your name will be included on the “Thank You” page at the end of my book (unless you ask for it not to be). Much Appreciated!

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