2k Thread: “Top 10 Spews”

  1. My original post  A farewell (I thought) gift to the community that had done so much for me over the years…
  2. Update #1  A year and a half after my original post, I gave more.
  3. Update #2  On the 2-year anniversary of my original post, I gave more.
  4. Metaphorica  A little essay about artificially improving the player pool.
  5. The Abyss  The thread’s most popular post. Extended bad luck, and the effects.
  6. The Coal Miner  Dream job turns into nightmare career?
  7. Update #3  3 years after my original post, I gave more…
  8. Part 1 of the thread’s (supposed) conclusion (5 successive posts).
  9. Part 2 of the thread’s (supposed) conclusion.
  10. Part 3 of the thread’s (supposed) conclusion.

*These are subject to change as new spew is posted and old spew is re-visited.




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