What is a nit?

A nit is not “a tight poker player”. 

(I mean a nit can be a tight poker player and often is one, but a nit could also be someone who plays lots of hands- doesn’t really matter)


A nit is ANYONE that takes more than they give.

A nit is ANYONE that doesn’t pay it forward at least half the time.

A nit is ANYONE that doesn’t reciprocate always.


A nit rarely considers the 7.442 billion other people in the world.

A nit rarely considers the 1 Mother Earth.

A nit considers infringing on lives/life “a free market”.


A nit is blindly ambitious.

A nit has no idea what he/she REALLY wants.

A nit will never find inner peace/happiness.


A nit is misguided and shortsighted.

A nit never thinks (correctly) about The Long Run…

A nit is bad at math.


A nit behaves in ways that would lead to downward spirals if everyone did.

A nit banks on others not behaving as he/she does.

A nit banks on never being stood up to.


A nit can change.

Nits do change.



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