(Your poker room here)

Poker room owners/managers,

I have played over 20,000 hours of live poker in my life (just as a professional). I am ready to get off the full-time poker grind and do many other things with my time...

One of the things I am most passionate about doing moving forward- I want to consult for and then promote a poker room. Not only do I have more experience in poker rooms (especially in big games) than just about anyone, but I also have a strong business background (see “The Hustler” section of my Bio page where I talk about “Lee” and MAP). I thrive on efficiency and have plenty of experience growing a good business into a great one by adjusting both culture and the operational systems.

I can provide ideal game structures (standard structures need to be adjusted slightly to bring the fun back) and player rewards systems (a few simple tweaks would likely create loyal customers who would all but stop playing in other rooms nearby- seriously). I also have a giant database of poker playing contacts and significant influence due to my stellar reputation in the poker world as online poster “DGAF“.

I could never promote something I didn’t believe in, but after we work together to get your room clicking on all cylinders I will advertise your poker room on dgafblog.com (this page will be reconstructed as a promotional page for your room), pokerrags.US (my startup that I plan on making THE community for poker players), and elsewhere…

My only requirement is an open ear/willingness to fully commit to the new ideas we agree upon. Almost all of my ideas will cost nothing to implement, and I only want minimum wage until I have a positive revenue/profit impact on your room- then I just want my compensation to parallel my impact at a fair percentage…

I am currently in negotiations with one card room in Las Vegas, but they are pretty restricted (from higher ups) in what they can do, and I really want to maximize my impact. I don’t want to make a room better- I want to turn it into THE place to play poker.

Please CONTACT me if you want to discuss me possibly consulting for and then promoting your room. I plan to only consult for one room (and I will only work with one room per city for sure)…

***I am also interested in to running a show similar to Live At The Bike. I am friendly with Ryan Feldman (owner of Live At The Bike) and we have discussed doing something together in Las Vegas or elsewhere. I will not be associated with any training sites, nor will I be a part of any strategy based commentary (I think both of those things are shortsighted/counterintuitive with regards to building long-term business); I will be entertaining/funny and focus on creating a community for your room (a MUCH better strategy long-term)…

Let me know,



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